I’d have loved to be in the writing room for this show, assuming even that they had one cause this show is just so very what the hell so often that it’s legitimately impressive. 

So to recap how I can only presume the discussions went;

As a couple of people have asked for it there’s now a specific tier to support me to see more HMVs. See the post below for all the explanation of how that’s going to work and what you’ll get out of it. There’s also information on what going to happen with the next update for No Haven


For those that just want the short version, I’m going to be squeezing in another quick update due to working out a bunch of it when I was away. This is going to be an overhaul of the level up system with 70+ unlockable aspects and the start of re gular in game events with a bunch of effects. Aiming to get it out by the end of the month. 

See the first one if you want to read the preamble about why I’m doing this over the usual tumblr reblogging. Took the last week off due to being away but now it’s back. 

[Vaguely SFW][Cosplay][4 lovely pics of bodysuit goodness]

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[Animated Gifs][Mind Control][Femsub][So, so good]

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【MMD】雲龍に悪戯をしてみたら…-another-【lamb.】【紳士向け】via rasto_777 on Iwara

[MMD][Tentacles][Little Ball Things][Sex][Mind Control][Seriously this is very much top notch MMD work]

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Today some much longer answers than usual to some questions.

The crashes do seem to be gone. Also other stuff. 

 - Download from here

-Fix for the crashes (I really, really hope…).
-The scenario harpies were starting with Flyer rather than Flying and so weren’t getting the benefit of the trait. The examine now mentions their wings and talons correctly.
-Reduced the rate Black Orcs start with the Leader trait.
-Going on Wild Riders yourself was preventing anyone from getting a mount on a crit.
-It was far too easy to gain clumsy while growing boobs.
-Fix for issues when cancelling Ample Distractions when not sending a Slave.
-Going by yourself on the Wrapped in Webs on a success gave the text result for the crit instead. It also wasn’t checking for gender correctly on the slaver text.
-Some text fixes including some assignments where Beautiful had the wrong shorthand.
-Changed up a timer for slavers learning traits from each other that a success on Caves uses to ensure it doesn’t break with the loop having issues.
–Amended some confusing text based on what you purchased on Cutprice Roses as if you had purchased something even if it was too expensive..
-Added a breast size limit on Golems.
-Ladies of non-monster races with the Monster trait are now referred to as Hellions instead of Goliaths, Golems with Monster are now Vanquishers.
-Removed the chance for Dark Elves and Convent to have Trainer twice, while there gave Quintari a chance to start with it along with moving around some of their other traits.
-Fixed a bug related to the slut name Sparkle surname prefix and added a bit more variation there.
-As enquiring minds wished to know Skritti Windhowl is a Kestrae Harpy.

I have survived being way up in the air followed by soaking up a whole bunch of sun and wine and then being back up in the air again. Now to fix everything that went wrong with that last release… but first some questions answered. 

I’m skipping the stack overflow questions though thank you for anyone who sent in ideas and reports of where the problem might be occurring. 

First a warning combined with an apology. There is a stack overflow, maybe more than one, lurking in this update which can kill RAGs entirely. I’ve done what I could to track it down but by the nature of the crash it’s not the usual infinite hang which are a lot more straightforward to track down. I’ve heard from a couple of people who have said that running the game as administrator helps so I would highly recommend that if you don’t want to wait till next week when I’m back to try and fix this properly. It mainly seems to affect quick start and random starts for the most part so just bare that in mind if you do want to dive in on this update. 


Due to this I will not be updating the No Haven page here yet with this version and I also won’t be circulating it to the usual places like TFgames and the Collective till it’s more stable. 

Sorry about this, but I do hope you enjoy the new update anyway. 

Patch notes under the break

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Quick batch before the flood gates open. 

See the first one if you want to read the preamble about why I’m doing this over the usual tumblr reblogging.



(Story/Femsub/Maledom/Bimboficati on/Office)

(Caption/Femsub/Maledom/Bimbofication/Loss of Power)

(Story/Femsub/Femdom/BodySuit/Mind control/Drone)

Return of the King via BadGirlUK, cry–baby, sassmastah77 and DirtyGirlsSecret on GWA

(Audio/FFFF4M/Fantasy/So very EPIC Collab/Femsub)

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Wow, thank you all so much!